Conference “Remembering Across the Iron Curtain in the Cold War Era”

3–4 September 2018
Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past
University of York

How did the Cold War influence interpretations of the Holocaust? Conference Remembering Across the Iron Curtain in the Cold War Era. The Emergence of Holocaust Memory aims to find new ways to understand Holocaust commemoration and memory. We are interested in examining how different, and at times contradictory, narratives of the past shaped one another, how marginalized voices aimed to influence public understandings of the past, and how state and non-state actors negotiated cultural representations of the Holocaust. We are looking for comparative and transnational understandings that go beyond Cold War divisions. Bringing together scholars who work on different regions, and especially enabling conversations between scholars of Eastern and Western Europe, opens opportunities for new perspectives on Holocaust Memory as well as the cultural history of the Cold War.

Poster (PDF)
Programme (PDF)

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