South Asian Platform seminar “Managing the ‘Others’: Governance and Control in Contemporary Xinjiang”

8 October 2018, 10 am
Main building of the Czech Academy of Sciences, room no. 206
Národní 3, Prague 1

The South Asian Platform organizes the seminar series on the topic “Government and rule: producing and engaging with authority since 19th-century in Central Asia” in order to contribute to a better knowledge of the strategically important region of Central Asia.

Program with abstracts (PDF)

Program of the first seminar Managing the “Others”: Governance and Control in Contemporary Xinjiang (chair: Ondřej Klimeš, Oriental Institute of the CAS):

10:00–10:40 Darren Byler (University of Washington, Seattle)
Spirit Breaking: Uyghur Religious Practice and “Terror Capitalism” in Northwest China

10:45–11:25 Tom Cliff (Australian National University, Canberra)
Ethnic Unrest and China’s Multiple Problematic Others

11:30–12:10 Rune Steenberg (University of Copenhagen)
Tradition and Religion, Good and Bad Customs. A Sociology of Transformation in
Kashgar 2010–2018

12:15–13:00 Final discussion

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