Public space and its importance for public discussion

Mgr. Petr Agha, PhD., LL.M. (Institute of State and Law)

Research activity deals with the content and meaning of public space for the creation and cultivation of societal issues. Public space is understood in two ways – as a kind of public forum, which form the base for political and philosophical discussion (typically media and other forms of communication), and as a forum which constitutes material part of our existence (squares, streets and parks). Between these two poles interaction of a wide array of actors who are to various degrees involved in the formation of public policy and interpretation of the basic societal values takes place. Two workshops that will focus on the analysis of the above aspects of public space will be organized. An exhibition at the City Gallery and the associated interdisciplinary conference will take place. The main outcome will be a book that will address, from different positions, the role of public space in the debate on the contours of society in the 21st century.