Critical Suicidology Network Planning Group: Harnessing Critique for Productive Ends

Main researcher:
Mgr. Luděk Brož, MPhil., PhD.
Etnologický ústav AV ČR

Critical suicidology is an emerging, transdisciplinary intellectual field and social movement, whose multiple and diverse contributions and aspirations can be seen here and here and here.  Through the efforts of many critical suicidologists, the limitations of mainstream suicidology are now well-documented. We understand that in the current neoliberal moment of global capitalism, spread of mainstream suicidology has been facilitated by the advent of big Pharma rooted in the dominant narrative of global biomedicine that promotes reductive and individualized models of human despair. In an effort to harness critique for productive ends, critical suicidology offers more socio-political and culturally informed understanding of suicidality and suicide prevention. The crucial question to be asked is how to promote such, by definition context-dependent, approach and make it travel well.

In this two-day meeting, critical suicidology scholars from the Australia, Africa, North America, UK, and Europe, will gather together to map out a three-year strategy to advance the field and practice of critical suicidology. Looking towards other successful critical intellectual movements (e.g. critical criminology, critical psychology, etc), we will develop a multi-pronged approach:

  • Knowledge production and mobilization
  • Communications (list serve, social media, mainstream media, etc)
  • Graduate student mentorship
  • Conference schedule (Perth, 2018; Vancouver 2019)