Central Asian Seminar Series and promotion of the Czech Republic as an important centre of Central Asian Studies

Main researcher:
Dr. Jarmila Ptáčková
Oriental Institute

In 2016 the Oriental Institute in Prague initiated establishment of Central Asian Platform. Its goal is to contribute to a better knowledge of the strategically important region of Central Asia. The platform provides insight into issues such as history, politics, religion, culture and migration on the basis of regional expertise and local sources (oral history, archives, local media, literature, statistics, etc.). The platform also focuses on specific themes, such as power and strategies associated with social and political order (foundations, representations and structures of power), cultural security, cultural diplomacy, etc.

From a long-term perspective, the goal of the Central Asian Platform is to contribute to a consolidation of the tradition of Central Asian studies in Czech universities and research institutions, such as the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy if Sciences and promote Czech republic as a centre of high quality research on Central Asia. We also seek to enhance our joint capacity to network with other prestigious research institutions in Central Europe, such as Berlin or Vienna, the wider European context and the regions of Central Asia (acting as partner for experts from abroad who are interested in cooperating on research projects covering this region).

The activities for 2018 include Central Asian Seminar Series on the topic “Government and rule: producing and engaging with authority since 19th-century in Central Asia” by international experts on Central Asia.