Feminist Re-Interpretations of Islam

Main researcher:
Gabriela Özel-Volfová
Oriental Institute

The research project will focus on the complexity of Muslim feminist approaches to Islam, on discourses about gender equality in the Qur´an and/or on radical expressions of Muslim women in terrorist organizations who fight for women emancipation from patriarchy to show that Muslim women have both the power and agency to change patriarchal settings in their societies or organizations which they are members of. Moreover, the research will also problematize Western discourses on Islam with the aim to correct a general view on Muslim women as passive beings subordinate to men and challenge the prejudice that women are only victims in mysogynist Muslim communities. Theoretical discussions about the above will be corroborated by case studies from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The Czech academic as well as the general public will thus be provided with a more complex picture of Islam from the perspective of gender. Research results will be summarized in a thematic issue of Gender and Research. The research project would like to share its findings with a Czech non-governmental sector and be a part of a larger public space where similar issues are currently being debated. Research and a planned workshop will be conducted in cooperation with researchers from the Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.