Could the Contradictions Between Russia and Europe Be Overcome?

Main researcher:
PhDr. Josef Velek, PhD. (Institute of Philosophy)

Relations between Russia and Europe over the past centuries up to the present day have undergone considerable turbulent changes. During the 19th century Western countries and Russia encountered intensively, mutual knowledge and understanding, however, was still very low. Only at the beginning of the 20th century things commenced to gradually change in this regard. One of the important scholarly works on this topic was published by T. G. Masaryk (“Russia and Europe”). In consequence of the October Revolution new contradictions emerged. After the USSR had broken up many people believed that relations between the West and Russia would normalized. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. What can bring a desirable change? And could the contradictions between Russia and Europe be overcome? At the conference answers to these complex questions will be sought by scholars from both Russia and Europe.