The Czech Public’s Perception of Major Global Conflicts and Their Impact

Main researcher:
Mgr. et Mgr. Paulína Tabery
Institute of Sociology

In 2018, we will continue in monitoring the state and development of the attitudes of the Czech public on the issues of the migration crisis, global conflicts and global problems and their possible consequences, as well as the policies and policy measures that have been proposed and discussed to deal with these consequences and problems. Regular opinion polls will provide a fundamental insight into these issues at both the societal level and the level of particular subgroups of society, and they allow monitoring of the development of views and attitudes in time. The outputs will be made publicly available both as data matrices and in the form of press releases, which will be used not only by the media, but also as the basic documents of public institutions in preparing explanatory reports and formulating sectoral policies and agendas. The polls are carried out on representative samples of the Czech population aged 15 years and over. The respondents will be selected by quota sampling.