Interactions of Global Conflicts in the Local Contexts

Head of the research theme:
Assoc. Prof. Marek Hrubec, PhD.

Research of global and local conflicts, territorial integration and secessionism, plurality of cultures and societies and cultural and social interactions, from the point of view of various philosophical and other perspectives of the humanities and the social sciences. Analyses of conflicts with respect to universalisms and particularism, and with respect to interactions between global and local orders; analyses of cultural contradictions and intercultural dialogue, including institutional conceptions in relation to overlaps and tensions between national and transnational approaches.

Research activities:

  • The youth, civil society, and contradictions: African social and political philosophy
  • Universalism in plural world and responsibility
  • Abdolkarim Sorush’s modern Islamic thinking
  • Transformation of societies in mutual interactions: Europe and its partners
  • Freedom, market, and allocation of resources
  • Comparison of models of societies: global interactions
  • Shanghai Organization of Cooperation and Europe: partners, competitors, or opponents?
  • Human Affairs: transnational post-disciplinary analyses
  • Discourse on democracy in the 21st century: the Czech contexts and global overlaps