Geopolitics and Distinct Perspectives on Transnational Migration

Principal Investigator:
Zuzana Uhde, PhD.

Within the research programme Global Conflicts and Local Interactions we are engaged in long-term research on transnational migration and global justice challenges. The main pillars of this long-term research are: 1) international cooperation and a transdisciplinary approach, with the aim of overcoming the disciplinary fragmentation that dominates contemporary migration studies; 2) the pursuit of theoretical analyses of transnational migration and the integration of analyses of the sources and causes of transnational migration and analyses of migration processes themselves and migration as a lived experience; and 3) developing methodological cosmopolitanism in migration research.

In 2019 we focus on two areas:

  • Distinct macro-regional perspectives and the demands they create for global migration agenda.
    We will organise an international workshop on this topic in autumn 2019.
  • Gender aspects of migration geopolitics, particularly with respect to the construction of borders and the territorialisation of social rights.
    A special thematic issue of the journal Gender and Research is published: “Contested Borders: Transnational Migration and Gender”, edited by Zuzana Uhde and Petra Ezzeddine, Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research, Vol. 20, No. 1/2019. (Available from:

Besides, in January 2019 we organised a book launch: Pražané s cizím pasem. Výsledky šetření cizinců a cizinek ze zemí mimo EU žijících v české metropoli (People of Prague with Foreign Passports: The Results of a Survey on Migrations in the Capital), Leontiyeva, Yana, Mikešová, Renáta, Tollarová, Blanka (Prague: Institute of Sociology CAS, 2018).

Publication of the book was supported by the research programme. E-book is available from: