Contemporary rethinking of the relationship between law, politics and society

Main researcher: Petr Agha, PhD., LL.M.
Institute of State and Law

This two-days workshop aims to explore and analyse the most recent rethinking of the relationship between law, politics and society by contemporary continental philosophers. In the recent years, Slovenian philosophers proposed new original reading of this interplay combining it with their interest in psychoanalysis. This two-day event intends to bring those two crucial Slovenian thinkers – Alenka Zupančič and Mladen Dolar in Prague and to analyse their linking of Jacques Lacan and G.W.F. Hegel as possible avenues for adressing the issues European society are currently experiencing within the framework of this framework. Besides providing an in-depth introduction into their thought to the Czech public, the workshop will also question the intricacies of our reading of the role of normative systems in contemporary societies.

The goal of this research workshop is to explore and question current revivals of these topics and to connect it with the cultural, political, and economic stalemates in these times. The lectures delivered within the workshop will be recorded and publicized online on youtube and Artyč The redacted versions could be included into a collective book on Dialectics today, planned by the French-based publishing house Suture Press.