Role and place of the non-resident Czechs in international bilateral relations

Main researcher: PhDr. Stanislav Brouček, CSc.
Institute of Ethnology

Co-researchers: Ing. Tomáš Czernin (Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic for Compatriots Living Abroad), PhDr. Tomáš Grulich (commissioned by the Standing Senate Commission for Coordination with the ASCR, the Executive and Politicians in the Czech Republic and the Diaspora), Mgr. Jiří Krátký (Special Representative for Compatriot Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic)

Papers and discussions of politicians, executives and academic experts at the conference “The role and place of foreign Czechs in bilateral relations” will analyze the role and place of leading personalities and corporations of foreign Czechs in favor of bilateral relations and the original home and homeland (i.e. former Czechoslovakia and now the Czech Republic). The spatial focus will be on the USA, Canada, France, England, Russia or the Balkan countries (or the selection of this territorial focus). The conference will be divided into several sections (panels): Western Europe (France, England), North America (USA, Canada), Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine), Balkan states.