Global mobility and migration industry

dr. Zuzana Uhde, Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

dr. Petra Ezzeddine, Faculty of humanities, Charles University in Prague, dr. Yana Leontiyeva, IS CAS

In 2020, the research team focus on analysing the migration industrial complex in the context of securitization and militarization of borders. The research activity is a continuation of the previous four years of work of a research team focused on transnational migration within the Global Conflicts and Local Interactions research programme. In 2018, the international conference Transnational Migration: Borders and Global Justice was held, followed in 2019 by the international conference Geopolitics and Transnational Migration.

The aim of the research is to contribute to international research into the transformation of strategies of migration “management” and bordering. Borders are places of ​​violation of rights, but violence is also externalized using bilateral agreements and detention centres outside the EU, or deterritorialized through the constant threat of deportation and detention. In addition, there is a tendency to divert some of the development resources towards securitization and militarization of borders. These issues are currently the focus of critical migration studies.

In 2020, an international symposium on migration industry and the EU will be organized. The main guest speakers are professor Shahram Khosravi (Stockholm University) and dr Martin Lemberg-Pedersen (Aalborg University). The symposium will take place on Wednesday 18 November 2020 at the Academic Conference Centre.