Sustainable lifestyle and self-reliance in global and local contexts

Main researcher: Marta Kolářová, PhD.
Institute of Sociology

An ecologically oriented alternative lifestyle can no longer be understood only in connection with voluntary modesty (as Prof. Librová writes about it), but is closely connected with self-sufficiency and is influenced by a number of transnational movements (such as permaculture, family goods, “return to land”, eco-communities, zero waste, community-supported agriculture, natural spirituality, etc.). We can talk about a specific subculture or community that has its speakers, media and meeting places. The sustainable lifestyle will be considered in the context of social movements and subcultures with an aim to develop a theoretical model showing how these concepts relate to each other.

The work is based on qualitative research, in which several methodological approaches are applied: field observation (various meeting places, households), conduct informal and in-depth interviews with promoters of these lifestyles, and content analysis of the medium important for this subculture (True domestic journal) which promotes alternative lifestyles and connects people who are interested in them.

The activity will complete the research that took place in the years 2017–2019, in the form of a comprehensive monograph.