Crossroads podcast: Peace does not only concern security, it is also about economic and social rights

The podcast Crossroads invites Oksana Dutchak who is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Social and Labour Research (Kyiv) and a co-editor of Commons: Journal of Social Criticism. She is an activist of Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational or E.A.S.T. and one of the initiators of the manifesto “The right to resist”: A feminist manifesto. She holds a PhD in sociology from the Department of Sociology in Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Kyiv) and an MA in sociology and social anthropology from the Central European University. She is now a Fellow at the Berlin Institute for Empirical Integration and Migration Research. She has published extensively on labour issues, labour protests, gender inequality, socio-economic inequality.

The podcast Na rozcestí / Crossroads is created through a collaboration between Alarm and the research programme Global Conflicts and Local Interactions, which is funded by the AV21 Strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The series invites social scientists, whose research addresses important topics and issues of our globalizing world. The podcast with Oksana Dutchak is moderated by Olga Gheorghiev.

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